Monday, January 31, 2011

Islamic Culture in China

So far, we know the Chinese, the most populous countries in the world and the third largest region in the world after Russia and Canada as a country with a government that adheres to the communist system. It was based on the formation of People's Republic of China (Zhong-hua Jen-Min Gong-he Guo) on October 1, 1949 after communist forces led by Mao Zedong wins civil war against the nationalist forces led by Chiang Kaishek. 
Although the communist ideology has long embraced the Chinese population and since October 1, 1949 China officially became a state based on communism, but the previous centuries, Chinese people have also become acquainted with Islam. Religion is estimated to have spread in China since the seventh century in the reign of the Tang dynasty. Islam developed in China mainly not due to be taken by people of Islam from the Middle East region, the center of the birth of Islam, but was taken by the Chinese themselves who visit this region. They arrived with some technological capabilities, among others, printing and paper making, and return to his country and brought the "gift" of Islam. 
Here it can be concluded that at that time was already in contact culture and technology between the adherents of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula with Chinese immigrants. Not surprisingly, some provinces such as Qinghai, Gansu, Shanxi and Ningxia and Xinjiang autonomous regions inhabited by Chinese residents, mostly Muslims centuries ago.Chinese people who had converted to Islam was mainly located in the northwestern region, but generally they stay evenly distributed throughout mainland China. Tribe or ethnicity that many embraced Islam, among others, Uygur, Uzbek, Tajik, Kazakh, Huizu, Tatar and Kyrgyz. These tribes also have a residence in the territory of Russia, so we know as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have ever annexed by the Soviet government to the state until the Soviet Union collapsed and the region inhabited by these tribes back into the region independent. 
Religion of Islam became one of the most important and fastest growing in China.Acculturation of Islamic and Chinese traditional culture has been going on for so long, so that the culture of Chinese society today is actually not purely a Chinese folk culture, because to some extent been influenced by Islamic culture. It is easy to determine, among others, from the physical building mosques in China which is a mixture of Chinese architecture and Islamic architecture. Huaizheng mosque located in Bandar Guangzhou of Guangdong province for example, built by the Tang dynasty and is considered the oldest mosque in the country, Middle Eastern style of architecture mempelihatkan very prominent. Though the mosque was built in the middle tesebut Chinese community who have a building typical Chinese architecture. Both grew up side by side and even then complement each other. 
When that Bandar has been busy Guangzhou visited by foreigners are Muslims, and among them, of course, many of which originated from the Middle East region. Islamic culture is not only more widespread, even many natives adopted by China in this area.The process of "assimilation" of Islam and traditional Chinese culture thrive in the Yuan dynasty and the period it was a "golden age" of Islamic development in China. Islamic thought started to become an important part of Chinese thinking in politics and social life. 
Although the country's Arabs are not many Muslims who live in the middle of the Chinese community who uphold the traditional culture, but the process of socialization and social-cultural interaction is not never happened. Indeed for centuries socio-cultural interaction process continues in this country. Because that was adopted by the Chinese community and Islamic culture rather than ethnicity geneologis problem, then what happens in Chinese society developed Islamic culture and mingle with Chinese traditional culture to build a new culture (say China or Chinese culture of Islam Islam) but the Chinese people not to experience Arabization. They adopted the philosophy of Islam but did not adopt the dress robes and beard Arabs. They adopted the Middle Eastern art, but did not adopt the turban and terompahnya. 
Implications of the meeting of Islam and China via the acculturation has led many Chinese to be culturally Muslim but not make them take a radical political stance.Moreover, the attitude of fanatic with a desire to remove their own local culture. For the people of China, Islamic culture is a supplement to enrich the local culture. Maybe this is an important lesson while the Indonesian Islamic community, where Arabization'll enjoy even more than the development of cultural Islam that need to be socialized as a complement to the local culture. 
Religious radicalism in Indonesia is also caused among its adherents some prefer the formal-legalistic factors rather than socio-humanistic. As a result the value of humanism that was the subject of Islamic philosophy displaced by ceremonial affairs. And in Chinese society, it seems that did not happen. Islamic culture is an important factor in Chinese culture, but Islam remains the culture of Islamic culture and Chinese culture Chinese culture remains. Both are fused into a modern Chinese culture with the people who remain moderate.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Mosque in Japan

Do not mistake the name of this mosqueNot Mosque Cuba, but the name of Kobe MosqueIf the Cuban presence Mosque in Medina in Saudi ArabiaWhile the mosque is a mosque called Kobe, because it is located in the city of Kobe Japan, 500 km from Tokyo.

In the course of preaching in the city of Kobe, the local organizing committee had invited us to stop Kobe in Kobe mosqueAccording to information, this is the first mosque established in Japan.

Down from the city of Kobe Shinkansen station after a trip a few hours, we took a taxi straight to the mosque KobeFrom the internet before, we've been trying to find pictures of Kobe MosqueHis trademark, in front of him lay electricity cables across a landscape so bad.

And when it arrived at the mosque, the transverse electric cord was still there. And indeed so bad if we berpoto from that angle. Because the mosque was blocked electric cables.

First Mosque

Kobe Mosque which is located Nakayamate Dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe is by practically as the first mosque in JapanFounded in 1928 on the initiative of Indian Muslim merchants who form the Islamic Committee for KobeOne character, Mr. AK Bochia went to India to collect donations of the mosque.

According to one source, Kobe mosque architecture is done by an Indian with thick shades of the buildings in Turkey. Kobe Mosque function normally in 1935, after obtaining approval from the emperorThe mosque is a haven of worship for merchants, teachers, students, Muslims who migrated to Japan.

Officially opened with a prayer first in October 1935Kobe Mosque after it is known as â € ~ Mecca of Japanâ € ™.
Whole Although American and earthquake rocked Bombed 
In 1945, Japan engaged the Second World WarJapanese attack on Pearl Harbor in American ports have made the U.S. government decided to drop the first atomic bomb in a war.

And Japan was defeated. Two of his city, Nagasaki and Hiroshima was bombed by the U.S. Atom. At that time, the city of Kobe did not miss the hefty price. Kobe arguably be razed to the ground.

And  miraculous, this mosque was still standing strong as shown in the picture. That's what Kobe Mosque.

Kobe Mosque robustness was tested again with the most devastating earthquake in 1995. Precisely at 5:46 o'clock Tuesday, January 17, 1995. The quake struck Kobe is not only alone, but also the surrounding areas like South Hyogo, Hyogo-ken Nanbu and others.

The experts say that the earthquake was caused by three plates collide, the Philippine plate, Pacific Plate and the Eurasian plate.

Although only lasted 20 seconds, but this quake victims take as many as 6433 people, most of which is a resident of the city of KobeIn addition, the Kobe quake also caused major damage to the city area of 20 km from the epicenter.

Earthquake Hanshin-Awaji great is the worst earthquake in Japan since the great Kanto earthquake of 1923 which claimed 140,000 lives.

But until now Kobe Mosque still standing strong and erect, though not deterred hordes disasters. May the message of Islam in this mosque as strong Japan.

Talal Al-Khateeb, the Muslims First Who Lived In North Pole

The Muslim community has now spread to all over the world. Not only in big cities are busy people, but they also have been placed in remote areas all over the world, including in the polar north.

In Inuvik, the Arctic, the city that are in Canada, is currently estimated that there are Muslims living 75-80 among 3700 inhabitants. The majority Muslim population there comes from SudanThere are even some who came from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine.
A third of Muslims were working as taxi driver. While there are others who have a restaurant, grocery store, worked as a barber, and security officers.

As written Al Arabiya, the first Muslim population residing in the North Pole was Talal al-KhateebMale Syrian descent who had arrived in town in the winter temperatures reach 40 degrees below zero, at 28 years ago. He was known as the richest man in his small community.
After nearly three decades, the Muslims reached the city, the successor Khateeb kept coming. Because the numbers are now close to 100 souls, they too need a place of worship a mosque or prayer house. And if nothing gets in the way, a mosque, established aided by donors from Saudi Arabia will stand at the north end of the world.

Since last week, the proposed mosque is named 'Mosque at the End of the World' began in the wake. It is estimated that it takes approximately 10 days to assemble a series of timber to be used as a mosque in the city which is only 200 kilometers from the north pole.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keys Fortune

Among the things that occupy most of the hearts of Muslims is to seek his fortune. And according to the observations, some Muslims hold the view that Islam would reduce their fortune. Not only that, even more severe and more distressing that there are some people who still want to maintain some Islamic law obligations but they think that if you want to get the ease and reliability of the materials in the field of economics should close the eyes of most Islamic laws, especially those with respect to halal and haram.
They forget or pretend to forget that the Creator does not make his religion only as a guide for mankind in the Hereafter and contemplates the happiness they were there alone. But God made this religion also showed man in matters of life and their happiness in the world. Even prayers were offered that often our Prophet, beloved Lord of Hosts, who maketh as an example to mankind is:

"O our Lord, grant us goodness in the world and the Hereafter, and guard us from the torment of Hell-fire." Glorious God and His Apostle did not leave the Muslims without a clue in the dark, are in doubt in an attempt to make a living. But otherwise, the causes of fortune that has been arranged and described. If these people want to understand it, realize it, sticking with it and using it causes well, Allah the Almighty Giver of fortune and power will make it easier to reach the streets to get a fortune from every direction, and will be opened to him for blessing from the sky and earth. 

below are the keys to get good fortune
  • Istighfar and Taubat
  • Godly
  • Resignation to God
  • Fully worship to God
  • Continuing with the Umrah Hajj
  • Silaturrahim
  • Infaq in God's Way
  • Infaq to the Prosecutor Science syari 'Completely
  • Do good to people who Weak
  • Hijrah in God's Way

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Holy Word

Allah created human beings as being perfect. Allah granted man's mouth to say good things, let us not pollute our mouths with bad words. Allah loves those who always saygood.
There are so many sentences that are good for our holy resume practicing everyday,including:

1. Bismillahirrohmannirrahim (with the name of Allah the Most Compassionate and Merciful)
Be in every start any work we say Basmallah. By saying Basmallah, Insya Allah all the work we do will be blessed by Allah
2. Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah)
Say this sentence everytime we finished working on something. Be grateful for what we can. Grateful for all the blessings that Allah has given. May we include intelligent people grateful for the blessings that Allah gave.
3. Astaghfirullah (I beg pardon of Allah)
All people on earth there is no escape from sin. Say the sentence seek forgivenessafter every prayer. Do not be arrogant self feel we have no sin. Ask pardon of Allah.

in addition to the sentences above, there are many more sentences that sacred and beautiful with thousands of benefit to us. Insya Allah I will share more in another post

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Testimony of Life behind the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, USA.

All started from my dreams. I want to be astronauts. I want to fly into space. But I do not have something right. I do not have a degree. And I'm not a pilot. However, nothing happened.

White House announced the search for ordinary citizens to participate in 51-L flight shuttle Challanger. And the citizens it is a teacher. I am an ordinary citizen, and I'm a teacher. That same day I send a cover letter to Washington. Every day I ran into a post office box. Finally came the official envelope bearing the logo of NASA. Fulfilled my prayersI escaped the first allowance. This really happened to me.

Over the next few weeks, the realization of my dream of getting away when NASA conducted tests of physical and mental. Once the test is completed, I waited and prayed again. I know I'm getting closer to my dream. Some time later, I received a call to attend a special astronaut training program at the Kennedy Space Center. Of the 43,000 applicants, then 10,000 people, and now I became part of the 100 people who gathered for the final assessment. There is a simulator, klaustrofobi test, agility exercises, experimental jet lag. Who among us could pass this final exam? Lord, let me elected, so I prayed.

Then came the news that destroyed it. NASA chose Christina McAufliffe. I'm lost. My life's dream destroyed. I was depressed. Self-esteem disappears, and anger replaces happiness. I questioned everything. Why GodWhy not me? Part of me which one is less? Why was I treated cruelly? I turned to my father. He said, "It all happened for a reason."
Tuesday, January 28, 1986, I gathered with friends to see the launch Challanger. When the aircraft had passed the tower of the runway, I challenged my dreams for the last time. God, I'm willing to do anything to be in the plane. Why not me? Seventy-three seconds later, God answered all my questions and remove all doubts as Challanger exploded, killing all passengers. I remembered my father's words, "Everything happens for a reason."

I was not selected in the flight, although I really want it because God had other reasons for my presence on this earth. I have another mission in life. I did not lose; I'm a winner. I won because I had lost. I, Frank Slazak, still live to thank God that not all my prayers answered